The Matrix (1999): Cypher


Uploaded on December 03, 2011 by AnyClip

The clip cypher from The Matrix (1999) with Joe Pantoliano

You scared the bejesus out of me.
-Sorry. -It's okay.
-ls that...? -The Matrix?
-Do you always look at it encoded? -Well, you have to.
The image translators work for the construct program.
But there's way too much information to decode the Matrix.
You get used to it. I don't even see the code.
All I see is blonde, brunette, redhead.
Do you want a drink?
You know I know what you're thinking.
Because right now I'm thinking the same thing.
Actually, I've been thinking it ever since I got here.
Why, oh, why didn't I take the blue pill?
Good shit, huh?
Dozer makes it.
It's good for two things:
Degreasing engines and killing brain cells.

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