The Nutty Professor (2008): Fighting the Monster


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The clip fighting the monster from The Nutty Professor (2008)

The fear is feeding off the energy.
We need to get into the power core
and shut down the C.R.U.D.
we need the big guys in the 'bot.
Brad, Zeke, that's you.
Wu, join Tad on the T-ball shooter.
Okay, Polly, you navigate.
Jack, you pilot.
And I'll get us hooked up.
Let's do it, Harold.
He's moving on us, guys.
We've got legs.
Engaging evasive maneuvers.
Head over to the V. R. room
and double-back around the deck.
Wrong way!
Don't tell me how to drive!
Wu, we need ammo.
I do not know how this crazy dispenser work.
I can't shake him on the floor.
I need some terrain.
balls are up!
That's it! Okay.
Now we are rocking and rolling!
It's following us!
Jack, faster!
I'm trying!
Tad, give me something to work with!
Hey Zeke, how about a handle sandwich?
Oh, no.
Harold, the bellows!
You are the worst shot I have ever seen!
Get off my back, Wu.
Somebody get me out of this-
Guys, stand-by for power.
I'm losing my grip!
Brace for impact.

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