Edtv (1999): Meeting Jill


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The clip meeting jill from Edtv (1999)

Hey, can I have another hat for my dad?
I've got your car ready right here.
Can you get us sodas for the ride to the airport?
Yeah. Coke or Pepsi?
Uh, Pepsi.
Can I talk to you for a second, man?
Yeah. What's up?
My name is Shane.
How you doin'? What's this, man?
This is a tape of my band.
I thought maybe you could play it on your show.
Oh, man, come on.
One of the guys is blind.
All right, I'll give it a listen.
The name of the band is "Not All Of Us Can See. "
Terrific name.
"Not All Of Us Can See. "
"Not All Of You Can See. " What the hell is that?
For the love of sweet...
Jesus Christ!
Um, I wanted to say I really love your show.
I think you're great.
Wow. Thank you.
That's a really cool thing to say. I'm Ed.
And you must be... John?
I'm trying to remember.
Oh, yes.
I'm Jill. I'm from San Francisco too.
Right. The Bay Area. I can tell by the accent.
Ta, ta, ta, ta. Ya, ya, ya.
Ya, ya, ya.
Uh, I'm just joshin'.
So, wh
what are you doing here?
I just flew down to audition for a skit.
All right.
I'm a model and sort of an actress, so, um-

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