Edtv (1999): Public Opinion on Shari


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The clip public opinion on shari from Edtv (1999)

Everybody back up, please.
Please, clear a path to the car.
Get off, man.
Four weeks ago, no one in America had ever heard of Ed Pekurny.
Today this 31-year-old video store clerk...
has become something of an American icon, a national obsession.
I try not to go to the bathroom until Ed goes to the bathroom...
so I don't miss anything.
The idea just came to me.
Sure, it came to you because I brought it to you.
I'm not a
I'm not a guy who works by committee. I'm a one-man show.
What do you guys think about Shari?
She's needy! I don't like her.
She's too tall. It's, like, abnormal.
Yeah. She creeps me out. She's always, "Get away!"
I mean, who does she think she is?
I know! And she's so bony!
Like to me, this Shari's like nothing, right?
She's not even hot. I mean, Ed's a celebrity.
If that was me, I'd be dating the goods.
There's like something wrong with her. She's definitely not hot.
Not hot, not hot. No way.
She is a heat-free being.
Hello? Hi, here you go.
Oh, hi, yeah. I've been waiting for this. Thank you.
Y'all watching Ed TV, right?
Sign right here, please.
What's up with Shari? Ed's girlfriend, Shari? What is up with that bitch?
Ed, honey, look,
when you get tired of that skanky ho,
come see me, baby.

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