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The clip ray cheats on shari from Edtv (1999)

Who is it?
Who is it?
It's me, Ed, buddy.
Ed? Just kiddin'. How you doin'?
Good. You ready to watch the game?
Actually, no. I'm a little bit sleepy. I'm tired, exhausted-
What are you talkin' about being sleepy? Five minutes to tip-off.
It's time for Rocket ball!
Ray, where do you keep the glasses?
Oh, Shari's here. Why didn't you just say so, huh?
Hi, Shari.
Who's Shari?
Who's that?
Okay. Oh, God, oh, God.
Want me to get that?
No, I got it. Ed, don't go, I-
Whoa, whoa! Look at that! Get in on that!
Oh, man!
You're being misled by a manipulating medium called television.
Let's get out.
No, she's a homeless girl. Ed, don't leave.
She was out on the street, so I-
She didn't have any clothes or a place to stay, and I
Honey? Oh, shit! Ed?
What do you mean homeless? My place is better than this dump.
That was Shari on the phone. She saw the whole thing on TV.
I gotta tell ya, she's pissed.
No shit, Ray. Who's the girl?
Come here a second.
She's the receptionist at the place where I buy that gym equipment.
And she's a real knockout and a redhead to boot, which I've never had.
And she's never given me the time of day.
Suddenly, today she's all, "Hey, I saw you on TV, and you were great. "
And I'm all, "You know, I just made some gingerroot gazpacho, come on over. "
The next thing you know, ba-da-bing!
I mean, I'm human.
What do you mean? Why didn't you stop?
Why didn't you stop?
I'm the guy. I don't stop!
That's the woman's job. We're the gas, they're the brakes.
Go talk to Shari. Honey, let him come talk to you.
Why? Why me?
Because you brought the cameras here.
You brought the girl.
Is that the way it is? You can't do me that one little, simple favor? Great.

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