Edtv (1999): Brushing His Teeth


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The clip brushing his teeth from Edtv (1999)

I wanna tell you a story
I wanna tell you about my town
I wanna tell you a story about people
Not this morning. Uh-uh.
Let's change topics. Does anybody have an opinion, a viewpoint...
on something going on now called Ed TV?
Oh! This is a new low point in American culture.
You're being kind. You're being way too kind.
Brushin' my teeth.
They never bothered to pick a guy with any talent.
Or even anything to say.
They seem to celebrate the fact that the guy's a boob.
Sort of a joyous celebration of boobery. That's what it is.
Take it easy.
Hey, Ed, your show stinks.
What a loser!
Hey, Ed, you want my autograph?
Ten dollars?
Listen, we had a deal, you little eight-year-old bastard.
I'll tell you what. Keep the dog.

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