Edtv (1999): Canceling the Show Part 2


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The clip canceling the show Part 2 from Edtv (1999)

Now, to get an erection, what this man does is...
he squeezes his pump, and it forces a fluid...
that goes in the cylinders into the shaft.
Voila, you've got your stiffie.
You're good to go. So, who's this lucky guy?
I mean, who is this true TV executive who can now get his Johnson to head north...
anytime he wants?
I'm gonna tell you who the lucky man is right now.
Tell us, brother!
All right.
Here we go.
The man of the hour is Mr. -
True TV regrets to inform our audience that...
due to circumstances beyond our control, Ed TV will no longer be presented.
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
Who's the guy with the phony-
What do they expect us to do now?
Look, I don't know who he was talkin' about.
I don't even know whether or not it was true.
But he was about to name one of you, and I'll be damned...
if I'll have one of my people humiliated on public-
I mean, not that there's anything to be embarrassed about, if it's true.
The point is, it's a normal medical
What the hell are you lookin' at, you redheaded putz?

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