Edtv (1999): Cynthia Wants to Stop


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The clip cynthia wants to stop from Edtv (1999) with Adam Goldberg

I'm just saying maybe we should start thinking about when we want to take him off the air.
Why? What are you talking about, take him off the air? He just got out of the hospital.
He's fine. The cat's fine.
The ratings are higher than ever.
Well, you know,
it's like when you're chewing gum and blowing a bubble.
Good, a metaphor.
And the bubble keeps getting bigger and bigger and you've got to decide.
When do you suck it in? Or if you don't, it explodes and then you've got gum face.
Cynthia, I started out as an associate producer...
on Good Morning Fresno.
And I didn't get from there to here by worrying about getting gum in my face.
All I'm saying is, I think we've peaked.
And all I'm saying is, you don't know your ass from a toboggan.
We're gonna stay with the boy for another month.
You know how I know I'm right?
Because I'm driving the big car, and you're driving the little car.
Look, Ed, you put anybody on television 16 hours a day,

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