Dorothy Mills (2008): Fear of Dorothy


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The clip fear of Dorothy from Dorothy Mills (2008)

You tell us who's next!
It's up to you.
There's a man lying dead in the hall.
You tell us who's next.
Don't you tell us what to do!
Quiet, every one of you!
Dorothy, tell me what happened.
I don't know. I don't know.
When I woke up, he was dead.
She's got to be stopped.
Before she comes after all of us!
Can't you see he killed himself?
Dorothy's not the problem.
It's you! It's all of you!
She knows the truth about your community.
Dorothy is a lunatic, just like her mother,
and you know that.
Dorothy's a member of our community.
It's our responsibility to deal with her.
My name is Duncan McLellan.
Oh, Duncan.

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