Dorothy Mills (2008): Confusion


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The clip confusion from Dorothy Mills (2008)

You must have told her about your son.
You're the only one I've mentioned it to.
And I didn't even tell you how he died.
You've obviously been going through too much strain.
Look, you're exhausted, and your imagination's
beginning to play tricks on you.
You don't have the slightest idea.
These characters inside of her head are dead.
They're dead!
And these kids that drove me into the lake, they're dead, too.
And they're the ones that are turning poor Dorothy
into a fucking ventriloquist!
One time she's Mimi, then she's Kurt,
then she's Duncan, then she's Mary.
I've heard them all speak through her,
and there's not a fucking thing she can do about it.
How can you believe that?
You're the psychiatrist, for fuck's sake.
Colin, some evil shit is going on.
I swear, she feels people's pain.
I mean, I even heard my own dead son speak.
Jane. Jane, Jane, Jane.

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