Dorothy Mills (2008): Pastor Ross's Opinion


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The clip pastor ross's opinion from Dorothy Mills (2008)

Sin or flaw??"'
That's enough now!
Write that out 1 00 times
and show me in the morning.
Now go!
So you're the doctor, too?
I am.
How long have you been looking after Dorothy?
Not since she was 1 3.
Healthy child, isn't she?
Here on the island, we live a clean, healthy life.
Our faith shelters us.
I suppose you just failed to notice her mental illness?
Dorothy is a special child.
There is a place for her in our community.
Even if she did molest that baby?
It is the Lord's place to judge, not mine.
I'm not here to judge her, either.
I'm here to help her.
And she can be helped.
We have little faith in your science.
How can your science fathom her pure soul?
One of God's angels.
An angel that might end up in prison.

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