Doom (2005): Watching Video of Secret Experiment


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The clip watching video of secret experiment from Doom (2005)

Subject was injected with study agent at 00.:03.
Vitals normal, elevated heart rate attributable to subject anxiety.
C-24 successfully grafted to subject's marker cells at 00.:09.
He reconstructed chromosome mutation on a human subject.
We were never gonna do human studies.
What the hell are we looking at?
Genesis, Chapter 1.
Subject moved to protected observation area at 00.:17.
Subject.: Curtis Stahl.
Crime.: Multiple murder.
Status.: Condemned to execution.
Chromosome 24.
Oh, my God.
49 minutes after injection, genetic mutations...
began to visually manifest on subject's extremities.
This is what you're here to protect.
It doesn't make any sense.
You trusted them. They lied to you.
They used you, Sam.
If he perfected xenogenesis-
Christ, don't you get it?
It's this place. It's hell. It always was.
This shit ends here.
What are you doing?

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