Doom (2005): Trying to Revive Friend


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The clip trying to revive friend from Doom (2005)

Everyone, get to the Ark now!
Hunegs, report to the quarantine zone.
Evacuate the entire facility. Get everyone to the Ark now.
What's going on? Get to the goddamn Ark.
Let's go. Come on.
We have an emergency. Come on.
Everybody to the Ark.
What happened?
He was talking about devils.
All his Bible shit. Angels. Good and evil.
Devils among us. Let's get this vest off him.
Now he's clear.
Come on.
Got a weak pulse.
Portman, get me a line in here.
Come on, man.
Kid, keep pressure on that wound.
How's the pulse? I'm losing him.
Sam, give me a shot of adrenaline.
We lost the pulse. Okay, let's defib.
Come on, man.
Where the helI's Carmack?
He disappeared.
What do you mean, he disappeared?
He's gone. He disappeared.
I've lost the pulse. Shit.
Gonna defib. Clear!
Come on. Come on.
No response. We're losing him.
Sam, give me that adrenaline.
Come on, you son of a bitch.
Okay, going again. Clear!

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