Doom (2005): Going Through Portal


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The clip going through portal from Doom (2005)

Move in.
You hesitate, people die.
I checked it...
at least three times before we sent it through.
Sanford Crosby, UAC Public Relations.
Now follow me, please. How many people you got up there?
UAC employs 85 permanent research staff on Olduvai.
Welcome to the Ark, gentlemen.
Initiating molecular mapping drive.
All personnel, prepare for activation.
Keep your distance from the core or you might get sucked in.
You, uh, you done this before?
Once. Training mission.
Hope you had a good dinner, Kid.
Inter-planet coordinate lock engaged.
All telemetry verified and transmissions are five-by-five.
Soon as we get through, I need you to shut down the surface elevator here.
Make sure that we get the standard quarantine of six hours.
Target receiver initialized. Ready to proceed.
Ark travel, 15 seconds and counting.

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