Scarface (1980): Get the Women


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The clip get the women from Scarface (1980) with Al Pacino, Steven Bauer

This is paradise.
This is paradise, I'm telling you.
This town's like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked.
I should've come here 10 years ago.
I'd have been a millionaire by this time.
By this time, I'd have had my own boat...
my own car, my own golf course.
You know what I want? I thought of this the other day.
A line of blue jeans.
With my name written on the back of chicks' asses.
How's that?
That sounds completely crazy to me.
Look at that. Look.
You're missing the sights. That's what you're doing.
We're missing the action.
Want to have some ice cream with my friend and me?
Get lost, greaseball!
Look at that.
Ice cream?
That's right.
You said "ice cream"?
Girls like ice cream.
Come on. That won't work.
You can't do it that way.
You know how you pick up chicks in this country?
What was that? What you just did?
That's what you do.
That's disgusting.
Look at that fucking thing. You look like a lizard.
Like a bug coming out of your mouth.
Figures you wouldn't understand.
But the women in this country, when you do that, they know.
They know what?
They understand. They go crazy.
It'll take practice, but you got to learn.

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