Scarface (1980): Tony's New Car


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The clip Tony's new car from Scarface (1980) with Steven Bauer, Al Pacino

That's the one I rented.
No. That's her, man. There she is.
About time.
Frank got held up at the golf course.
He told me to pick you up.
He said he'd meet us at the track later.
He said to bet on Ice Cream in the first, by the way.
In that thing? You must be kidding.
What you talking about? That's a Cadillac.
I wouldn't be caught dead in that.
Come on.
It's got a few years, but it's a cream puff.
It looks like somebody's nightmare.
So, you like this better?
It's like one of them tigers from India.
Crazy guy. Know what he's been doing?
Dragging me to the zoo to look at tigers.
He says he's gonna buy one.
You do that and you won't have any friends left.
Not that you have any now.
You'll like that tiger, man.
You gonna drive around with a tiger in your passenger seat?
Maybe. Some lady tiger.
How much?
$43,000, fully equipped.
That all?
Machine-gun turrets are extra.
He's a funny guy. Come here, Manny.
Bullet-proof this, okay?
And this here and here.
And the windows.
Get me a phone with a scrambler.
A scrambler.
And a radio with scanners...
to pick up flying saucers, stuff like that.
Don't forget the fog lights.
In case I get caught in a swamp. That's a good idea.

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