Scarface (1980): Sosa's Offer Part 3


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The clip sosa's offer Part 3 from Scarface (1980) with Al Pacino, Paul Shenar

of an empire that stretches across the Andes.
He's not your ordinary drug dealer.
Well, discussing it openly...
He's scheduled for 60 Minutes next.
He is going on French, British, Italian, Japanese television.
People everywhere are starting to listen to him.
It's embarrassing, Tony.
That is our problem.
You remember Alberto, don't you?
How could I forget him?
Alberto is an expert in the disposal business.
He's going to help us fix our problem.
But he doesn't speak English.
He doesn't know his way around the States too well.
He needs a little help.
Is that a problem, Tony?
No problem.

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