Scarface (1980): Sosa's Offer Part 2


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The clip sosa's offer Part 2 from Scarface (1980)

which is in the billions...
is coming from your country.
You are the major purchaser of our national product...
which is cocaine.
You're saying the U.S. government...
is spending millions to eliminate the flow of drugs onto our streets.
At the same time...
we are doing business with the same government...
that is flooding our streets with cocaine.
Let me show you a few of the other characters...
that are involved in this tragic comedy.
My organization just recently traced a large purchase by this man.
This charming face here belongs to General Cucombre.
He is the Minister of the Defense of Bolivia, my country.
And General Cucombre just a couple months ago...
bought a $12 million villa on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.
Now, if Cucombre is supposed to be the Bolivian Defense Minister...
what is he doing living in Switzerland?
Guarding cash registers?
This man here, Alejandro Sosa, a very interesting character.
He's a wealthy landowner...
educated in England, very good family.
But this man is the business brain and drug overlord...

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