Scarface (1980): Getting Addicted Part 3


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The clip getting addicted Part 3 from Scarface (1980) with Michelle Pfeiffer, Al Pacino

Don't toot your horn, honey. You're not that good.
No? Frank was better?
You're an asshole!
Where you going? Come here!
I was kidding!
I was only kidding!
I guess sometimes married life is not all it's cracked up to be.
Where you going?
I got a date.
You got a date? Come here.
This Seidelbaum thing.
Yeah, it's all set up.
Yeah, well, you forget it.
Stay out of it. I'll take care of it.
Stay out of it? It's my deal. I set it up.
You're not a negotiator, Manny, you know that.
You like the ladies more than the money.
That's your problem.
What the fuck are you talking about? I'm your partner, okay?
If you don't trust me with that kind of thing...
who're you gonna trust?
Junior partner.
Bullshit, man.
Don't talk to me about trust, I don't like it.
You should listen to your wife. She's right.
You are an asshole, man!
Come here. Give me a kiss. Come here.
Fuck you, man!
Who put this thing together? Me! That's who!
Who do I trust? Me!
Fuck him. "Trust."
Asshole. Fuck called me an asshole.
I need that shit.
I don't need him.
I don't need her. Fuck them. I don't need nobody.

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