Scarface (1980): Payback Part 2


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The clip payback Part 2 from Scarface (1980) with Robert Loggia, Al Pacino

Okay? $10 million.
I got it in a vault over there in Spain, Tony.
We go over there, we get on a plane, and it's yours.
Okay? All of it. $10 million.
Okay, Tony?
Please, Tony?
Elvira? You want Elvira?
You can have her. I'll go away. I'm gonna disappear.
You'll never see me again. Please, Tony, I don't want to die.
I never did nothing to nobody.
No, you never did nothing to nobody.
You had somebody else do it for you.
Tony, I'm begging you.
Get up! Get up now!
Jesus! No! God!
Look. Tony, no! Don't kill me, please.
I won't kill you.
Christ, thank you.
Get off my foot.
Thank you.
Manolo, shoot that piece of shit!
No! No!
Every dog has his day, Mel?
I told him...
it didn't make any sense...
clipping you when we had you working for us. He wouldn't listen.

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