Reality Bites (1994): Personal Psychic


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The clip personal psychic from Reality Bites (1994) with Winona Ryder, Janeane Garofalo

Now you can call your own personal psychic...
anytime 24 hours a day...
thanks to the nationwide Psychic Discovery Network.
You can pick up the phone and talk directly...
with an established professional psychic...
in the privacy of your own home.
I was unhappy in my career, and I needed a change.
But I didn't know what to do.
It's just that nothing is going down according to plan.
I mean, my best friend...
I feel like I've lost him forever...
and he was like my touchstone, you know.
This man...
does his name start with the letter "N"?
Because I'm getting a very strong "N" vibration.
Newsstand. "N," newsstand.
He used to work at a newsstand.
Oh, god. This is unbelievable.
Honey, that's not all I'm getting.
There are people I know from high school...
who are already married and having babies.
I mean, babies, OK?
I can't even take care of a Chia Pet.
Well, honey, I didn't have kids...
until I was on my third husband.
Oh, really?
All Geminis.
You know what I think, Tanell?
I think you still really love Monty.
Yeah, you're probably right...
but it don't matter now.
Oh, yes, it does, Tanell.
I know you're afraid, but you've got to find him...
and you've got to tell him how you really feel.
Find him? I got...
We need to talk to you.
Hold on, Tanell. Hold on.
I'm on the phone.
Yeah, I can see that...
and we have a four-hundred and six dollar phone bill...
mainly due to some calls to a 1-900 number.
Lelaina, I'm so seriously troubled...
Listen, we'd help you out, but we're broke, too.
And you know we can't afford a new deposit...
if the phone gets shut off.

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