Reality Bites (1994): the Documentary - Coming out


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The clip the documentary - coming out from Reality Bites (1994) with Winona Ryder, Ben Stiller

Lelaina Pierce.
Is there a Lelaina Pierce here?
Hello. Lelaina?
Ha ha! Hi!
Look, I had to call you right away.
Listen, listen. Don't kill me, OK?
What? What?
I took the tape, and I showed it.
Wait, wait, wait. Listen. They freaked out.
They want to buy them.
They liked it?
No, no. I mean, they, like, psychotically loved it.
They want to pay you for it.
I know this isn't P B.S., but is this OK?
Yes! I was this close to selling fruit at intersections.
Well, don't, all right? Don't.
Just hang on, and I'm gonna get you some money...
and I'm gonna be down there in a few days...
and I just... I'm just, like...
I'm thinking about you every second here.
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Hello! Can you hear me now?
Where are you?
I'm in a phone booth.
Why are you on a cellular phone?
I don't know. I have no idea. I'm just...
Michael, Michael, Michael, I... I really miss you!
I really miss you, too. I love you. Oh! Whoa!
I mean... I mean... you amaze me.
No! You amaze me!
Can you hear me?
Michael, I'm losing you.
I'm gonna call you back. Wait. What?
Pay phone outside... always amazes me.
"Try me. I'm free. "
Good mag. Good mag.
Yeah! All right!
Did you hear that? Negative!
Here. Let me see that.
Hey, hey! All rightie!
Thanks for the help, Lainie.

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