Reality Bites (1994): the Concert


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The clip the concert from Reality Bites (1994) with Ethan Hawke, Steve Zahn

Got a party mama, got a cokehead dad
I'm the ultimate inversion, the American man
Don't feel good, but don't feel bad
It's me, you see, I'm nuthin'
I ain't left, I ain't right
I feel so alone
Before I was born, I was all gone
Don't even make sense that I wrote this song
Tell me it's not true.
It's me, you see, I'm nuthin'
I'm nuthin'
That's me
I'm nuthin'
Lainie, sex is the quickest way to ruin a friendship.
Come on.
Thank you. We'll be right back...
with a new American cheese snack idea.
You got a phone call.
Don't say anything, all right?
Look, I screwed up, all right? I know.
I should have protected you and your work...
and I didn't, and I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry that I didn't.
And I want to make this up to you, OK?
You mean so much to me, Lelaina...
and I just...
Look, two tickets, all right, New York.
We go, and we give them a presentation...

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