Soul Men (2008): Floyd Isn't Cleo's Father Part 2


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The clip Floyd isn't Cleo's father Part 2 from Soul Men (2008)

She never said nothing to me about you.
You're not my father, Floyd.
You're not listening.
See, the thing you... what's that? Say what?
You're not my father.
I-I'm not?
How do you know?
Because he knows who I am
Or he did.
I mean, for all I know,
he could be dead.
I get a little money from him every once in a while.
It's a blind trust he set up years ago.
Something to do with his music royalties.
Music royalties?
You knocked up my wife, motherfucker.
Ooh. You stole her from me first.
What is wrong with you?
You lost your...
You didn't tell Cleo, did you?
No, I didn't tell her.
I should've told her, though.
I'll bet you laughing your ass off, wasn't you?
Going around, talking about I'm the girl's daddy
and big round circle of life, all that bullshit.
Giggle, giggle, motherfucker.
Well, just a little bit.
Look, Floyd...
Floyd, put it down. Put it down!
Dawg, come on!
You need to quit before you get hurt.
Oh! Oh! Whoa! Oh!
Look, Floyd,
I didn't mean for it to happen, all right?
You know how she was.
Come here.
Come here.
Come on, man. Stop acting a fool.
You all right?
Aw, shit. Quit acting a fool!
Fucking dad!
What the fuck is wrong with you?

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