Soul Men (2008): Floyd Isn't Cleo's Father Part 3


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The clip Floyd isn't Cleo's father Part 3 from Soul Men (2008)

Time out.
Time out.
Still got a little pop in your punch there, partner.
Pop this, motherfucker!
Shit. Ugh.
You dirty motherfucker,
hitting me in the nuts.
Ooh! Shit.
Louis, you just can't keep whooping on my ass.
I'm a motherfucking man, baby.
I'm a motherfucking man.
Louis, how come you won't see your own daughter?
Oh, motherfucker, I wanted to see her,
but, you know...
It's time... After a while,
you know, it's just... it's just too much.
Why didn't O tell her?
Why didn't Odetta tell her, man?
What was she going to tell her, huh?
That her daddy was a alcoholic dopehead convict
that fucked up everything he touched, hmm?
No, no.
She was better off without me.
Oh, shit.
Anyhow, it's too late now.
It was a mistake getting to know her.
What is wrong with you? You having a seizure?
What? What?
Oh. Cleo.
Cleo, wait. Ow!
Excuse me.
God damn it. Wait!
Let me talk to... ow!
Move, God damn it!
Come here, Cleo!
Call the police.

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