Soul Men (2008): Louis Teaches Lester a Lesson Part 2


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The clip Louis teaches Lester a lesson Part 2 from Soul Men (2008)

My follicles, man!
Look her in the eye and say "I'm sorry I hit you,
and I'm never gonna put my hands on you again."
My bad, baby. I ain't...
Say what I told you to say!
I'm sorry I hit you. I ain't never gonna do it again.
Now, say you're sorry for sampling my bass line
and for stomping on my partner's record.
I'm sorry for sampling your bass line
and stomping on your Real Deal record.
Now, we taking a road trip, and we need some gas money.
I ain't got no money, man!
Can you help us? I saw you out there selling that shit.
It's weed, it ain't crack man! I ain't got...
Give me the money!
Okay, okay.
There's money in my shorts...
Ain't nobody reaching in your drawers, get it out!
Okay, okay.
I got to reach around my meat, man.
Take it.
Take it.
Oh, damn. My hair hurts.
Take it, man! Aah!
Ow! You're breaking my arm!
Oh, hush.
That's just a little Chinese submission hold.
This is what it feels like when I break your arm.
Break his arm.
Oh, bastard!
I know motherfuckers like you, Lester.
Used to see them in the yard every day.
You'd better hope you don't never go inside
because you, you straight up bitch material.
What about my car, man?
What about your car?
Oh, shit.
I ain't got no clothes on.
This is bullshit.
So what? You run around with your drawers
hanging off your ass anyway.
I wasn't really gonna shoot you!
Get the fuck out of here.
See, I'm the nigger with the gun now.
You better hope my arm don't get better.
I'm gonna learn karate and kick your ass!
Fuck you!
It was a good thing you stepped in
when you did what you did, partner,
because if I'd have got a piece of him,
I'd have fucked his shit up entirely, and you know that.
Come on.
I'm too old to be tussling with the motherf...
I'd have shot him. I'd have popped...
I'm six, seven years older. I'd have, like, tussled...

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