Soul Men (2008): Lester Threatens Louis


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The clip Lester threatens Louis from Soul Men (2008)

Hey, yo, white boy.
You really in the music business?
Why, do you have a mix tape?
Shut the fuck up, white boy!
And stop sweating so goddamn much.
You smell like bacon.
And I'm a Muslim on Saturdays.
Fucking wrong with you, huh?
How you white and got a afro?
That ain't cool.
Damn, my head hurt!
Hey, there go Cleo. There go Cleo.
There go my baby, right there.
Where she going?
Where to, honey?
Oh, hell, yeah.
There go that old Snoop Dogg-looking motherfucker.
Real Deal,
they fitting to be real dead!
I'm coming for you, old man!
Hey, yo, Les, let them old motherfuckers have it, man.
I'm going for it.
Go for it, nigger.
Get them motherfuckers.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, now. You know I'm the only who drive the Mothership, man.
Watch this shit with Lester
about to kill on these motherfuckers.
That's how we live, we do it like that.
I'm back!
Oh, shit! Motherfucking Lester got fucked up!
God damn!
I'm out of this motherfucker...
What about Lester, man?
Fuck Lester.
Yeah, fuck Lester!
You don't even know Lester, man.
Why you run over me, man!
You old dirty bastard!
Old Jim Brown, Fred Williamson,
two-the-hard-way motherfuckers!

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