Soul Men (2008): Opening Creditds Part 2


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The clip opening creditds Part 2 from Soul Men (2008)

The gun ain't real! Ow! It ain't real! Ow!
I'm just broke, God it!
I ain't tryin' to hurt no!
Watch your damn hands!
Police mother brutality!
While Floyd Henderson...
Come on down to Floyd's Car Wash,
where everything is done by hand.
...combined his showmanship
with an entrepreneur spirit.
And don't forget about Super Soul Sundays,
with a full body wash
to guarantee a free rimjob.
Come on. Get your rimjob.
Come get your rimjob.
Come and get your rimjob!
Whatever happened to the forgotten duo...
The Real Deal?
Baby, turn the navigation on.
I hope we can find this place sometime tonight.
He gonna love it there.
They got Craftmatic adjustable beds,
clap-on lamps.
Y'all better shut up back there, I'm tellin' you.
I'm gonna reach back there
and pop one of them little boys upside the head so bad.
I think that's it, Uncle Floyd.

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