Soul Men (2008): First Performance


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The clip first performance from Soul Men (2008)

What the fuck is that?
Been a long time since we saw our name in lights.
What our name doing up in lights?
We're at the Apollo Theater this weekend.
We ain't been on stage in over 30 years.
Now, the last thing you want to do
is stink up the joint. Am I right?
And I got us free dinner to boot.
Man, we sure are lucky I kept these threads.
Do we look good!
Better hope that button don't pop off and kill nobody.
God damn, I wish these pants weren't squeezing my nuts so tight.
Maybe it'll help you hit those high notes.
I don't need help hitting the high notes.
Yeah, right. We'll see. We'll see.
Ha ha! Busting out.
Ladies and gentlemen,
tonight, the Flagstaff Motor Inn
is proud to present to you back onstage
for the first time in nearly three decades
the unforgettable sweet soul sounds of...
The Real Deal!
Don't you ever
Be sad
Lean on me
When times are bad
When the day comes
And you are down
In a river of trouble
And are about to drown
Just hold on
I'm coming

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