Soul Men (2008): I’m Your Puppet Song


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The clip I’m Your Puppet song from Soul Men (2008)

we're reaching all the way back in this next song.
Lou. That's us, man.
Listen. ...Martin Hooks and The Real Deal.
Number 3 in 1969... "I'm Your Puppet."
Pull the string
And I'll wink at you
I'm your puppet
Mm-hmm, yeah
I'll do funny things
If you want me to
I'm your puppet
Come on, Lou.
I'll say this for him... that motherfucker could sing.
No doubt. No doubt. Come on, help me... help me out.
Second verse.
"Pull my strings." Kiss.
...your puppet
You ready?
1, 2, 3.
Hit it.
Pull another string
... ing, and I'll kiss your lips
I'm your puppet
Ohh, ohh, ohh
Snap your fingers
And I'll turn
You some flips
I'm your puppet
Man, my hip hurt like anything.
Drop step.
Drop step? You know I can't do that right now.
Go, Lou.
Oh, sweet. Do it, Louie. is wiggle...
Oh! Oh! Oh!
I'm your puppet
Oh, yes, I am
One more time.
There you go, Floyd.
I'm your puppet
Oh! Come on now.
Mmm, yeah
Yeah, I got it now.
I got it.
I'm your puppet
So where'd you book us next?

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