Soul Men (2008): Conversation About the Past Part 2


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The clip conversation about the past Part 2 from Soul Men (2008)

Ha ha ha! People actually go back to Cuba?
She said she'd rather spend the rest of her life
under that dictatorship than spend another night with me.
How 'bout you? How come you never got married?
I almost hooked up with this girl down in the Philippines,
in Manila.
But, uh, I couldn't learn to speak
Tagalog, and only English she knew
was, "Me love you long time for two dollar."
Yeah, I wasn't no good at relationships after Odetta.
You ever hear from her?
Who, Mai Mai?
No. Odetta.
Oh. No, man.
I heard from her, man.
It was sometime around Christmas.
You know, in that place she was living in Tulsa. You know?
Fuck it. Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.
What you doing?
I saw a coyote.
Whyn't you put that thing up
before somebody get hurt, man?
How come you think I don't know how to handle
no damn piece, man?
I know.
Yeah, come fuck with me now, Louis.
Come on. You think I'm soft, huh?
Yeah. I'll bust one in your ass.
Floyd, you keep fucking around,
I'm gonna stick that gun so far up your ass,
you gonna taste gunpowder every time you talk.
Well, let me...
God damn it!
Louis, that was a accident. I swear.
I'm sweating. My hand's wet.
You all right?
You warm? You hot?
You dizzy? You light-headed?
Louis, I swear I would never want to hurt you, man.
I thought about killing you, but I'd never want to hurt you.
All right. In our continuing tribute to Marcus Hooks,

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