The Wedding Singer (1998): Holly Kisses Robbie


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The clip Holly kisses Robbie from The Wedding Singer (1998) with Christine Taylor

What do you think of Glenn? Do you think he's trustworthy?
Yeah, he better be.
Who cares about Glenn?
You know what I keep thinking about?
That soft kiss from the other day.
It looked really nice.
Did it feel good?
I don't know.
I don't remember.
Could I refresh your memory?
So you know Julia's staying at Glenn's tonight.
Look, Robbie, I know that you're shy...
and I know that you've been hurt...
so I'm gonna make this really easy on you.
If you come upstairs, you're gonna get laid.
Nobody's ever said that to me before.
I just-I'm telling you...
my head's kind of a mess right now.

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