The Wedding Singer (1998): Negotiating


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The clip negotiating from The Wedding Singer (1998)

I have never done it for that cheap.
I know for a fact you gave Eric Lamensoft that price.
I did not.
Faye, look at me.
Look me in the eyes. I'm right here.
Don't look away. Did you give him that price or not?
OK. Just that one time. So you got me.
Can I say something?
I deal with a lot of people, but you two look truly happy.
You're gonna make it. I know. Believe me.
How do you know?
You can just look at a couple...
and you can tell right away...
they're gonna stay together forever.
Like Donald and Ivana...
and Woody and Mia...
and Burt and Loni.
We're not getting married.
That's right. Actually, we're brother and sister.
So that's it. I could sense a closeness.
The weird thing is, when we were growing up...
we didn't get along 'cause I used to do this to her.
We're gonna go now. Come here, sis.
Your ass is grass.
I'm telling Mom when we get home.

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