The Wedding Singer (1998): Wedding Plans


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The clip wedding plans from The Wedding Singer (1998)

Ninety-nine Luftballons...
Don't be so jumpy.
These are for you.
Thank you.
They're beautiful.
I have something else for you.
Two airplane tickets to Las Vegas?
Oh, my God, Glenn!
I know you wanted to set a date...
so I went to the travel agent and set it.
Glenn, I love you so much...
but Las Vegas? I thought-
Jules, it's the romance capital of the world.
I just don't want a big wedding-
hundreds of people we don't know...
that are just there for the free drinks...
and all-you-can-eat buffet.
They might as well be in Vegas.
Las Vegas it is, and it'll be great.
Are you going to do the girl thing?
You're going to act happy and be pouting on the inside?
I'm happy.
All right.
Let's get married here.
I know that's what you want.
Thank you, Glenn.
It's more important to you anyway.
I promise I will give you the most beautiful wedding...
and even you'll have a good time.

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