The Wedding Singer (1998): Robbie's Sadness


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The clip Robbie's sadness from The Wedding Singer (1998) with Gemini Barnett, Adam Sandler

You can't catch me!
I'm going to get you and chop you up!
Can we turn this crap off, please?
That's right, Robbie. You have to let it out.
Let what out?
Your feelings.
About what that lousy bitch did to you today.
Don't call her that...
because we're going to get back together...
and then there will be weirdness between you and me...
so just watch it.
I made this for you, Uncle Robbie.
Thanks, Freddy Krueger.
That's not nice.
Very creative, though.
Go back to the boiler room.
I just wish I knew where she was, you know?
He's taking it pretty bad.
He's acting like a real robot...
a zombie or something.
He's been wanting to get married since the third grade.
It makes sense. That's when Mom and Dad died.
He wants to start a family of his own.
Check out the cake.
There's only a little groom on top.
You're late.
I'm sorry.
I just couldn't do it.
If you need some more time, I guess I can wait.
No, I don't need more time, Robbie.
I don't ever want to marry you.
You know, that information...
might have been a little more useful to me yesterday.

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