The Wedding Singer (1998): I Hate Weddings


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The clip I hate weddings from The Wedding Singer (1998)

I was wondering what happened to you.
Did everybody leave?
Pretty much, except for a few cops...
that are still interviewing some witnesses.
I'm going to get the hell out of here.
So it was your first wedding back.
Of course things are going to be a little shaky.
A little shaky? I hate weddings.
I hate the bride. I hate the groom.
I want them to be miserable, because that's what I am.
No. You're the best.
At what? People eat prime rib, and I sing.
It's a joke. I can't do this anymore.
Glenn and I set the date...
so you have to play our wedding.
I just can't do it, all right?
I'm having an engagement party in two weeks...
and I really want you and Sammy to come.

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