The Wedding Singer (1998): Awkward Conversation


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The clip awkward conversation from The Wedding Singer (1998) with Ellen Albertini Dow, Adam Sandler

You're going to blow everybody away...
at your fiftieth anniversary party.
If I sing to Frank without making any mistakes...
he would know how hard I've worked...
and how much I still love him after all these years.
I hope 50 years from now...
Linda and I are as happy as you two guys.
You will be. It runs in your family.
You're a born romantic, just like your father was.
I know they'll be looking down on you tomorrow.
I hope so.
Are you nervous?
I'm actually not that nervous, you know?
I'm at weddings all the time. It's going to be fun.
Not about the wedding- about the wedding night.
Will this be your first time with intercourse?
Don't be ashamed.
When I got married, I wasn't a virgin.
I already had intercourse with eight men.
That's actually something I don't want to know about.
That was a lot back then. That would be like 200 today.
It's 5:00. I'm going to get going.

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