Wordplay (2006): Crossword Tournament Scores


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The clip crossword tournament scores from Wordplay (2006)

I have to make up three minutes.
And I have four.
I'm just gonna verify the report I just heard.
I beat him? I'm in on four? I didn't know that.
Oh, my gosh, a three-way tie.
It's a three-way tie for first. That's gonna be epic.
What's your strategy now for
Um, well, I'm going to read every clue.
This is bizarre.
What happened?
There's a three-way tie for first place right now. I thought I was a minute behind Tyler.
Apparently, I got him by a minute on Puzzle 4, which I didn't know.
So, because of the tie-break rules right now...
I'm in first, Tyler's in second, and Patrick Jordan's in third...
but we all have the exact same score, and we're all three minutes ahead of everybody else.
I'm essentially tied for fourth with, uh, Kiran, uh, but I'm three minutes behind.
There's three people that are tied for first place.
All I can do is, uh, go as hard as I can to the last puzzle and and...
you know, if somebody opens the door, great, but I don't think it's gonna happen.
He is one of the people who's three minutes behind.
So that means, because of the tie-break rules...
he would have to beat one of us by three minutes on this puzzle.
Al's fast, but three minutes is a tough order for anybody.
So, as I say, I think really at this point it comes down to...
the three of us just playing defensively here, taking an extra minute and doing what it takes...
and just, uh, hoping we don't make an error.
Well, we think Tyler's been shorted by a minute.
On four.
We'll check it out.
We were lookin' at the scores this morning, and Trip and I and Tyler...
and everyone had all been pretty much talking last night...
and we're all pretty sure Tyler was a minute ahead...
and then Trip and, uh, Trip was behind and bby one minute and second.
And then we knew Patrick was probably up there. We didn't know exactly where.
So then lookin' at the scores this morning, all three were showing as tied.

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