Wordplay (2006): Puzzle 7 Results


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The clip puzzle 7 results from Wordplay (2006)

Ah, phooey.
Wait. I made up the grid upside down. Wait, it's okay!
What's going on in the room right now is that people are double-checking...
the fastest finishers this morning.
We're double-checking everybody that's 25 and greater right?
Oh, l There was another error? There was another error?
Coming up on 11:00 in the morning. We're just beginning to find out who the finalists may be.
The excitement is palpable.
It's the combination of logic and rage.
On the one hand, everything works out beautifully, except if it doesn't.
At which point, of course, you can just tear the thing up.
Yeah, the level of player has gotten much higher. All right, Tyler Hinman
I mean, I first met him here when he was 16, and you could just tell, you know...
he was someone that had that competitive spirit...
and had the speed that he was gonna be up there.
He's just been absolutely phenomenal this year.
It used to be Trip. If Trip was on, nobody could touch him, you know?
And now Tyler is right there.
And then Patrick Jordan I mean, he didn't always come here, but he's no surprise.
Congratulations, Patrick. Well done. Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
I've been in the finals, like, the last four years, but I always come in third place.
So it's it's kind of embarrassing, you know?
So at least this year I can flail on the final puzzle in my own, uh, private little worid here.
I don't have to do it in front of in front of everyone.
But, I mean, sure, I'd I'd love to be up there, you know? That's always my goal, but...
you can't do it every year, you know, so
I told Patrick, since it's not me he would be up against, he can go ahead and win.
Although I think Tyler is just like a tiger there. He is so hungry for this.
This is a very tight matchup.
Patrick came within one letter of winning this tournament once.
If he hadn't made an error, he would have won the tournament back in the year that Ellen won.
And you've seen what a hotshot Tyler is. So this really could go any way.

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