Wordplay (2006): Trip Payne's Story with Crossword Puzzles Part 3


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The clip trip payne's story with crossword puzzles Part 3 from Wordplay (2006) with Trip Payne

But still, I mean, there's a part of me where it's always on.
I mean...
I remember the first time we went by someplace that had the word "intercoastal" on it.
I pointed out that that was an anagram of the word "altercations. "
Um, it's nice being with somebody who can appreciate that.
Trip is a little intimidating at first because he is so bright.
Um, when I first met him, I admit I was a little intimidated myself.
But the more we got to talking, uh, the more I got to know him.
He's really just a genuine, uh genuinely sweet guy.
I've always been intrigued by the letter "Q." but, uh
And some letters are just boring, you know. "N" is a boring letter, but
"Q"is, of course, most commonly followed by a "U."
But there are a lot of exceptions. You have to be careful about that when you're solving.
Because otherwise, you'll end up with a country "quitar" or Q-tips...
or something like that.
Uh, "on the Q.T." Or "I.Q. Test. "
But, uh, uh, Q's a very good letter.

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