Wordplay (2006): Solving Merl Reagle's Crossword Puzzle


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The clip solving Merl Reagle's crossword puzzle from Wordplay (2006)

My predecessor was 36 years older than me.
And anytime you saw any modern culture in the old puzzles, it just came as a shock.
"What's a TVshow doing in here?"
And really, puzzles didn't really have that.
My feeling was crosswords should have everything that's being covered in the Times.
And, of course, that's gonna be classical music and art and history...
and old subjects like that.
But it includes sports, popular music, movies, TV, cartoons, everything.
Why, there it is.
One of the things you have to do is get rid of the rest of the paper when you do this...
'cause by then, it's not important in your life any longer.
Can you find the hidden "H" where it's hiding
Is it on the ground or in the sky
You always fold it over. You have to fold it over.
I got to tell you. I mean, I was gonna do it in in pencil, but it's Tuesday.
Yeah, that's right. What do you think of that?
Sometimes we make our band members use pencils, I've noticed.
Why do we do that?
'Cause we don't trust them.
Very bravely, I'm a pen guy, actually.
Uh, and, uh, it comes back to haunt you once in a while.
All right.
Here we go.
You know what, I'm so confident, I'm gonna do it in glue stick.
"I.C.B.M."is the first answer.
And his clue is "warhead weapon briefly. " Seems all right.
"Warhead weapon briefly"? It's gotta be "I.C.B.M." Come on. Everybody goes for that.
"Warhead weapon. "
It's gotta be an I.C.B.M. Or a M.R. Gotta be "I.C.B.M."
This is probably "Norma Rae. " R
"She helped Theseus escape the labyrinth. "
Don't get Don't get cute with me, Will, 'cause I'll come over there.
"East northeast is 737 heading, perhaps. " And he's abbreviated "perhaps. "
East north
East northeast.

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