Wordplay (2006): Trip Payne's Story with Crossword Puzzles Part 2


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The clip trip payne's story with crossword puzzles Part 2 from Wordplay (2006)

He does all that he can to make sure that he wins. I mean, it's all about winning.
He really wouldn't be doing this ifhe didn't want to win so badly.
When I won, I was the youngest person to ever win.
And, uh, at the moment, I still have that record.
I was 24 when I won. It was great.
It was something I'd been hoping to do for a number of years...
and, uh, it was just great to fulfill that.
That took me a bit longer than I expected.
It was a hard puzzle. Uh, there were a lot of very tricky clues in that.
And there was at least one entry where, after I filled it in...
I had to stare at it for several seconds to figure out what it meant.
Galionegee. G
A man-of-war's man.
That is That means nothing to me.
You know, if I'm going out with Brian somewhere or something...
I try to turn the word part of my brain off...
and just relax and have fun and not think about work.

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