Wordplay (2006): Great Crossword Puzzler

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The clip great crossword puzzler from Wordplay (2006) Mmm, let's see. Let's say "trysts. " This ca...
The clip great crossword puzzler from Wordplay (2006) Mmm, let's see. Let's say "trysts. " This can't be a "U" anymore. Um. Is "redtop" a word? "Redtop"? Well, I think it's a word, but I'm sitting in here. In a second, I will go in the other room and look it up just to see. First we'll look in the little dictionary. 'Cause that's where we want it to be. If it's common enough to be in a little dictionary, then it's Then we got somethin'. "Redtop. "A grass grown in the cooler parts of North America... for hay, pasturage and lawns. " I'll bet you our lawn guy knows that word. I'm going to show you something that I don't show many people. And this is only because you asked very, very politely. Since March 2 of 1997, I've been keeping a record of my time every day. And I do this... because I'm an obsessive creep... and I do this because I'm a nerd, and I do it because I'm competing with myself. But I'm also doing it to kind of measure my mental deterioration to see how much slower I get over the years... uh, to see how close I am getting to actually losing my marbles. From December of 2003 until June of 2005... I was the public editor at the New York Times. Um, that's a job that's called the ombudsman at many other papers. The Times being the Times, they have to have a more pretentious title, so I was Public Editor. I can say this more easily now that I no longer work there. I think I can say with more credibility, the Times is the most important news medium in the worid. There's nothing else like it, and the puzzle fits into that. There's no other puzzle like it. I don't think you would find anybody If you walked into that room in Stamford... and you asked any of 500 people there, "What's your favorite puzzle?" They'd all say the Times, because it's the gold standard, as the way that I think the newspaper Although the newspaper may do many things wrong... it's the gold standard of American newspapers too. One of the things that was interesting to me once I started going to Stamford...