Pride & Prejudice (2005): Elizabeth Confronts Darcy Part 2


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The clip elizabeth confronts Darcy Part 2 from Pride & Prejudice (2005) with Matthew Macfadyen, Keira Knightley

I realised his attachment was deeper than hers.
She's shy!
Bingley was persuaded she didn't feel strongly.
You suggested it.
For his own good.
My sister hardly shows her true feelings to me.
I suppose his fortune had some bearing?
I wouldn't do your sister the dishonour.
It was suggested...
What was?
It was clear an advantageous marriage...
Did my sister give that impression?
No. There was, however, your family...
Our want of connection?
No, it was more than that.
How, sir?
The lack of propriety shown by your mother, younger sisters and your father.
Forgive me. You and your sister I must exclude from this.
And what about Mr Wickham?
Mr Wickham?
What excuse can you give for your behaviour?
You take an eager interest.
He told me of his misfortunes.
You ruin his chances yet treat him with sarcasm.

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