Pride & Prejudice (2005): Unpleasant Encounter


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The clip unpleasant encounter from Pride & Prejudice (2005) with Rosamund Pike, Jena Malone

I pity the French.
So do I.
Look, Mr Bingley.
Mr Bingley!
I was just on my way to your house.
How do you like my ribbons for your ball?
Very beautiful.
She is. Look, she's blooming.
Oh, Lydia.
Be sure to invite Mr Wickham. He is a credit to his profession.
You can't invite people to other people's balls.
Of course, you must come, Mr Wickham.
If you'll excuse me, ladies, enjoy the day.
Do you plan to go to the Netherfield ball, Mr Wickham?
Perhaps. How long has Mr Darcy been a guest there?
About a month.
Forgive me, but are you acquainted with him, with Mr Darcy?
Indeed, I've been connected with his family since infancy.
You may well be surprised, given our cold greeting this afternoon.
I hope your plans in favour of Meryton will not be affected by your relations with the gentleman.
It is not for me to be driven away.
If he wishes to avoid seeing me, he must go, not I.
I must ask, what is the manner of your disapproval of Mr Darcy?
My father managed his estate.
We grew up together, Darcy and I.
His father treated me like a second son, loved me like a son.
We were both with him the day he died.
With his last breath, his father bequeathed me the rectory in his estate.
He knew I had my heart set on joining the Church.

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