Pride & Prejudice (2005): Visiting Jane


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The clip visiting Jane from Pride & Prejudice (2005) with Kelly Reilly, Keira Knightley

Lady Bathurst is redecorating her ballroom in the French style.
A little unpatriotic, don't you think?
Miss Elizabeth Bennet.
Good Lord, did you walk here?
I did.
I'm so sorry. How is my sister?
She's upstairs.
Thank you.
My goodness, did you see her hem? Six inches deep in mud.
She looked positively mediaeval.
I feel such a terrible imposition. They're being so kind to me.
I don't know who is more pleased at your being here, Mama or Mr Bingley.
Thank you for tending to my sister so diligently.
She's in far better comfort than at home.
It's a pleasure.
I mean, it's not a pleasure that she's ill. Of course not.
It's a pleasure that she's here, being ill.

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