Natural City (2003): Looking For Cyon


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The clip Looking For Cyon from Natural City (2003)

My name is Strawberry.
I'll give you the best pleasure you could ever imagine.
How'd you do it?
She's human. She's got all the
data from that cyborg Strawberry...
It's like she's acquiring new memories.
Behind the cerebellum in human brains, there's a section called the L-region...
...that composes a particular DNA sequence.
And, remarkably, it's compatible
with the memory chips of a cyborg.
So I picked up this woman from the slums
and transformed her into Strawberry.
The answer to our problem was human!
Find her.
Why? Feeling guilty about using a human?
I'm not deaf, bitch!
What're you doing here this early?
Get down here quick. Now!
What a fuss over some stupid sticks.
What does this mean?
Who picked them?
Come on, what does it mean?
An ivory of fate.
It means an unavoidable bond.
No wonder! Just my luck!
Guess you liked him, huh?

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