Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 (1983): The Bandit Retakes the Fish Part 2


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The clip The Bandit retakes the fish Part 2 from Smokey and the Bandit Part 3 (1983) with Jackie Gleason

The Bandit goes fishing.
Put this down in there.
Daddy, our fish is gone!
Well, I guess that yanks my chain.
Junior, it's hopeless.
What do you mean, Daddy?
I can't believe that it all ends like this...
that this is my last hot pursuit...
all on account of a couple of lousy flat tyres and a fish that flew the coop.
Is he gonna be shocked. Listen.
I'm saying that it's time to pee on the fire...
call in the dogs, turn off my siren...
switch off my lights...
and return to my old rocking chair.
Daddy, you mean I won't be...
your little tick turd anymore?
Son, you'll always be my tick turd.
Do you believe that?
I love you, Daddy...
even if you can't catch the bad guys anymore...
even if you're a total failure and the laughingstock of Texas...
even if Little Enos is gonna get your badge. I don't care. I still-
Shut up, you barrel of monkey nuts!
Nobody gets the badge of Sheriff Buford T. Justice!
Hi, babycakes!
The return of Frankenstein.
Daddy, it's The Bandit!
Get in the car, Junior.
I don't need any tyres to catch that box of manure!

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