Bruce Almighty (2003): Aftermath of Bruce's Actions


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The clip Aftermath of Bruce's actions from Bruce Almighty (2003) with Philip Baker Hall, Jim Carrey

More power outages reported today...
caused by last week's meteorite strike.
Officials are desperately trying to repair several transformers...
damaged by the ensuing electrical surge.
The scene nearly turned violent when hundreds of disgruntled Buffalo residents...
protested last week's lottery results.
And doomsayers are pointing to last week's strange celestial events...
as signs that prophesy is now being fulfilled...
and the world as we know it may be coming to an end.
World's gone mad.
Bruce, 30 seconds to air. Okay. Okay.
There you are. It's your big debut. How are you feeling?
You know what? Fine. Never better.
Show must go on, right?
The Sabres just won the Stanley Cup. You're kidding me!
Was that tonight? That's great, isn't it?
It's getting pretty crazy out there. Uh-huh.
We're gonna kick live to Fred at the stadium, okay?
Five seconds to the open.
This is it. You ready?
Born that way.
Welcome to Eyewitness News at 6:00, with Susan Ortega,
Bruce Nolan, Fred Donohue... sports... Dallas Coleman... weather.
And now, Buffalo's number-one news team.
I'm Susan Ortega. I'm Bruce Nolan.
And here's what's making news.
What happened? What the hell happened? We lost power.
Transformer's down again. Oh, geez.
Ever since that damn meteorite hit.
It's okay. We're back up.
We apologize for the interruption. And now back to the news. Bruce.
Thank you, Susan. I'm sorry. We're going live to H.S.B.C. Arena,
where the Buffalo Sabres have won the Stanley Cup.
Great. Fred.
We're about to uncork some champagne because...
the Sabres have won their first championship in 22 years!
What in the blue blazes...
We'll be back with the Sabres' Stanley Cup victory in just a hot second.
In other news... Bloody hell!
For the love of God, what is it now? The whole booth is down.

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