Bruce Almighty (2003): Sorting Photos with Girlfriend

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The clip sorting photos with girlfriend from Bruce Almighty (2003) with Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carrey I thi...
The clip sorting photos with girlfriend from Bruce Almighty (2003) with Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carrey I think it's really good. It sucks. It's a story about a cookie. The Pillsbury Doughboy will be riveted. Ohh. Honey, it was funny. It made me laugh. There's nothing wrong with makin' people laugh. I'll never be an anchorman, not with this. The job's right there, but I can't reach it, because every time they make me do this stuff, I have to act like a total goof in order to make it work. I have no credibility. Not good. Not good. You know what? Now you're just sounding silly. Know what? Forget it. It's not important, right? It's not important. Let's watch it one more time. Oh, no. Just once more. Please? No. No. Bruce, you promised you would help with this album. Now, you get your goofy butt over here. Uh-uh. Okay. Okay. Okay. Now, you just go through this stack, and you pick your favorites. Oh, come on. This is fun. Right? Isn't this fun? This is nice. Evan's gonna get that anchor job; I just know it. Ah, Bruce! He's the favorite. All right. You know what? Just forget it. Let's just forget it. This is just our life. We can always just have some kid do it for us. Whoa! Hold the phone! I like this one. Our weekend at the lake. How did you get that? That's supposed to be in our private stash. You look perky, hon. It must've been cold. All right. Just give it to me. I think I'll put this on my computer and use it as wallpaper. No, no, no. Okay. Give it to me. Come on! No, no, no. All right. Fine. Do with it what you will. I don't care. I will do with it what I will. Jesus. You know, I might even send this in to Playboy. I hear their layouts can be quite tasteful. Give that to me right now.! Jesus. Right now.! Ow! Rough stuff! I'm gonna hurt you...